Wind Spirit represents a connection to Spirit,
to the Universe, to Creation, all that is love, whole, and healthy.
Even as the wind blows and no one knows from whence it came
or where it goes, so is Spirit,
the great force of the Universe
that fills all and gives life.

Decades, centuries and millennia have come and gone,
bringing with each turn of time,
information and understanding.
We come to this time, the present, through all the changes,
the turmoil, the conflict, the discovery
and knowledge, side by side.

There is a growing understanding,
a realisation, of our place under the Sun,
of our relationship to the Earth
and all upon it, an evolving realisation of our ancestors who,
in their simplicity, knew and were connected.

As we slowly see this place, remembering,
we understand that all things come from Spirit,
this ancestral knowledge,
no matter which culture, given to all,
to assist us on our path in this life and our journey
from the Earth to the Sky.

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